Help with media player

Several keyboard and mouse commands are available to interact with this video:

Keyboard commands

  • Spacebar=pause
  • k=play/pause
  • j or left cursor=rewind 10 seconds
  • l or right cursor=fast forward 10 seconds
  • , (comma)=next frame (when paused)
  • . (period)=previous frame (when paused)
  • f=full screen
  • esc=exit fulls creen
  • 0 through 9=advance through a portion of the video (i.e. 7 advances 70% of the way through the video)
  • < (shift+,)=play faster
  • > (shift+.)=play slower
  • up and down cursor=volume control
  • c=toggle captions on/off

Mouse commands

  • To advance or rewind: Hover the mouse over the line at the bottom of the screen to see individual frames at any point in the video. Click anywhere along the playback line to advance or return to a point in the video.
  • To toggle captions: Click the CC image in lower right corner of the video.
  • To toggle full screen: Click the box in the far right corner of the video.
  • To control the volume: Click and slide the volume control on the lower left side of the video next to the speaker icon.
  • To mute/unmute the video: Click the speaker icon

Screenshot of video player controls. Play button, sound control on left. Slider across the full image. Closed caption, settings, mini screen, theater screen, and full screen button on the right.

Screen shot of the video player control options.